Retrieval Day!!!

On pain meds and snuggling with my pug following this morning’s retrieval.

Today went better than expected. This whole stimming process was a bit different anyways since my previous/regular doctor is on some tropical island somewhere so I had a different one this time around. Last time I went to only 2 monitoring US appts. This time I had to drive 2 hours each way for 4 days in a row. This doctor tinkered with my meds twice right at the end. Result= 21 eggs retrieved today AND he said quality and size looks like it’s improved compared to last retrieval (13). He also has “the touch” because while I do feel my abdomen was trampled in Madrid on a bull run, I feel WAY better in comparison than the last one. Not saying my regular doc isn’t any good buuuuuut- better results and less pain with this new guy doing the retrieval. Now I wait for the phone call tomorrow to update me on embryo progress. COME ON ALL 21 of you!!!!!!!!



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