Where is Taffer When You Need Him??!!

You’ve seen the TV show Bar Rescue right? Well I need his help. I opened a bar and restaurant with a friend and he is turning out to be a complete asshole/idiot.

He doesn’t want the kitchen to prep anything. He wants everything cut fresh to order. He must smoke crack. 

Our cook has worked 30 days straight because he hasn’t hired another cook after having me fire the other one. Maybe if he didn’t sleep all day….

He wants our pretzel hamburger buns to be made in house. Great concept only he hires his Aunt to make them and they suck. The money he spends on paying her to make them + ingredients= not cost effective. And customers complain about them so I buy kaiser buns for those who request a different bun. What happens? They get thrown out.

My cook prepped veggies for next shift. What did he do? Throw them out. Again= not cost effective.

We need beer on tap. Haven’t done that. He thinks we should carry domestic even though customers want craft beers. I say carry both. The result= an empty kegerator we use as a bar countertop.

Speaking of bar setup- he builds the shelves for bar and there isn’t even enough room for all of our liquor as I clearly attempted to pointed out prior to his project. Did he listen? Hell no. 

A reach in cooler that I keep import beers in went out on us weeks ago. There it sits behind the bar still not working with new cooler sitting next to our entrance for customers. I found a guy who would move it for us after hours (when he is there getting drunk) do you think he has called him? Hell no. 

We close at midnight yet after the kitchen is all torn down he makes the cook open back up to cook his friend a sandwich. After. We. Have. Closed. Our poor bartender doesn’t get out of their until 4:30am sometimes because she is kept after by him. Ridiculous. 

He doesn’t come in until late at night and gets drunk and stays up til noon the following day and leaves notes all over the place like an Easter egg hunt with random bitching. I seriously think he has a drug problem.

Everything is in my name. EVERYTHING. And he’s bad for business. 

He wants hand cut French fries but REFUSES to allow them to soak in water to pull out the starch so they are mushy when you see fry them. Customers complain. He “don’t give a fuck” as he says everyday all day. It’s his way or no way.

He’s never worked a single day in a restaurant or bar yet he thinks he knows it all. He’s a joke.

And then there is his mother. She does not own the place. (Legally I own 100%) and only he and I are on the lease yet she verbally harassed the employees and then he tells our cook his mom is the boss. WTF??? She is evil. She has no place in there. She helps make those shitty pretzel buns. 

He does zero. I do everything. I order alcohol. I do the shopping. I bartend. I waitress. I hire. I do the schedule. You name it. I do it with zero help. NOW he doesn’t want me to hire anybody without his approval first. Super. He sleeps everyday until who knows when.  Yet he tells me what I’m doing wrong or that I’m….wait for it…. Not trying hard enough.

I can’t take it. He texts me at 3am in a drunken stupor calling me a mother fucker and dumbass and accuses me of stealing. He’s out of his damn mind. I have had countless customers tell me how they think he is on coke. Terrific.  He keeps adding stuff to the menu. Ridiculous stuff like deep fried twinkies, hot dogs, soups and any other random shit he pulls out of his ass. 

I’m to the point where I need to see a lawyer. When I’m not there (and he is there drunk) he is behind the bar drinking (not cool) and giving away drinks for free. He is going to ruin this business. If I want to buy a drink for somebody I do just that. I buy it. With cash. Not just pull it out of cooler and alight a match to our profit. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m stuck. I’m the owner and 100% shareholder on paper but it was his money that built it. Granted, everything was my idea. The concept, decor, logo, etc. 

I NEED Bar Rescue before I lose my mind…. And my business. 


Mother’s Day 

What can I say? It was perfection. Orchids from a friend, diamond earrings from hubby (baby’s birthstone) dinner at parents and a beautiful sunny day. That all ended with his colic tonight though. Had to take him on a 4 am drive to get him asleep. Sigh. 

Labor- 27 hours. They kept talking c section but never did. Instead they kept rolling me over which is probably why he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times. He also had a bowel movement and breathed it in so he spent his first 9 days of life in NICU for antibiotics and oxygen 😦

Our stay was anything but pleasant. Our nurse refused to give him pain meds following circumcision. I literally had to drop the F Bomb 22hoies later and THEN she came in room (without knocking) and tossed the syringe of Tylenol on the bed. REALLY??? What a twat. 

Anywho- I’m over the moon with our son but this colic thing has me running on next to zero sleep. 

In othe news, I’m back into my pre preggo pants and feeling 100%. Ready for doctor to clear me for some hubby and gym action. 


2 weeks old today!!!

Glad to be home from NICU and find our “new normal” which has consisted of him waking up when ever dinner is ready, crying if he isn’t sleeping, going for a car ride or drinking a bottle. He is amazing though!!! When I have the time I will sit down and post about my 27 hours of labor and how he was born with the cord wrapped around him 3 times. Ugh. Relieved to have him home.






Not due until next week but my son has other plans! Can’t believe after 10 years, our loss, and failed IVF, our angel is finally coming. I haven’t cried yet but I will…. Like ridiculously. Went from 0-5cm and just got that epidural I said I didn’t want. Yea- F it. I am not a bad ass and I’m ok with that!!!! Can’t wait to post his pics :)))


Yikes 38W

Technically 12 days til “D” day. Arrival date is my late Grandmother’s birthday so as much as I want this to be done, it would be amazing for my son to share her birthdate.
I feel eh. Mainly the pubic bone pain makes me act like Chris Farley putting a small coat on when I try to roll over in bed, put pants on, or use my foot to swoosh my cat out of my way (he tries killing me by running between my feet). Mood wise I am scared and anxious of labor pains. My plan is to not do the epidural but I haven’t completely ruled it out either. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
The nursery is done now BUT our bathroom is another story. We found black mold so we gutted it about 2 months ago and it has been an ongoing project like that Tom Hanks movie Money Pit. It has been a nightmare. Both the tub and shower wall we ordered were delivered cracked or broken. Awesome. Drywall WAS my husbands gig years ago before joining the Army and becoming a police officer. Let’s just say he should stick to arresting people. God bless him but dayum. He has done a great job but not exactly the quickest. I am questioning the ceiling where I can totally see air bubbles in the seam tape. I shall not say shit or I’ll get the look. So whatever. I’m not a control freak (lies) but I do best when the house is in order. I do not function well amongst chaos and I’m freaking that we will be painting when I am tired and home with a 3 day old.
Ok. Enough about that- getting in and out of my Jeep is getting pretty damn uncomfortable these days. I LOVE my car but I hate the 4″ lift at the moment. My pubes feel like fire when I step in or out. I could drive the husband’s Tahoe buuuuuuuuut the last time I attempted that I smelled smoke coming from a tire. Why but of course!! The wheel bearing needs replaced because we have all the time in the world to jerk around with that. Needless to say it sits in the garage and we just use the jeep. Luckily he has a take home cruiser for work so he never rarely needs the Jeep and I have never been without a car. He refuses to take it to a drive thru (afraid a disgruntled somebody will spit in his latte or burger) or to the store or any other personal related matter. He firmly believes it is for work only. I’m sure some officers abuse that privilege but considering they put their lives on the line everyday at work I would say that using those cars in their own time is or should be a given perk… Also- police presence is sometimes enough to keep things chill in the surrounding area. Husbands point of view is pretty much- this is my office. I don’t want to sit in my office on my day off. I get it- but c’mon man!!!! My twat bone hurts so take the damn cruiser when we go out to eat or fix the Tahoe!!!!!!!
And then there is the bar/restaurant I am opening. F.
I intended for a soft opening prior to Super Bowl. Then I settled for a pushed back date of St.Patrick’s Day. But, between special order or back order for crap we needed or the basic hold ups from contractors…. Now I am looking at an opening date in about 4 weeks. AWESOME SAUCE. A 2 week old, training staff, setting up POS systems, ordering food and booze, being present for final inspection, and grand opening. This should be fun.
So there is life in a nutshell for me lately. I won’t even discuss my photography business because it had been non existent with all of the other chaos. That truly saddens me because I adore it. I need it. Ugh.
I know it sounds like I’m bitchy but in all honesty I am super stoked to meet our son in 12 days give or take. I’m so happy to see all of the recent success stories on here and I am also amazed at the strength of the women who have not found their answer yet. Every blog I read inspires me in some way or the other and I look forward reading updates when I can. To all of you- good luck, good vibes, happy moments, and all my love.
PS- I look like hell in this pic !!!! It was a long day, I was tired, and standing in office at bar that I can’t seem to finish!!!!!



WHY am I being a total lazy ass with the nursery? I’ve waited years for this moment and here we are barely over 11 weeks left and our new front door that needs repainted is still in there (last coat to go after already 3 coats- don’t believe the built in primer hype), a litter-box which cat no longer uses is still there, a 2 seater table and chairs, and walls need repainted. Oh yeah- a couple floor boards that bring my husband to an hour of continuous cuss words need installed too. So you catch my drift by now. I’m lazy, tired, or procrastinating and I have no idea why. I want it to be done but I just haven’t had it in me. Am I the only one? Trying to avoid stress yet here I sit creating my own.