Almost 10 weeks!

I had my last appointment with RE which finished with a big tear filled hug. Even HE was teary eyed!! He was so awesome. We will miss him dearly. The ultrasound was amazing! Little babe was raisin’ the roof! Like seriously. Both hands up in the air with the arms pushing up and down haha. Loved it. There was a whole lot of squirming too when the tech was trying to get measurements. We’re over the moon. I guess it’s time to make myself a client at my photography biz and come up with a crafty way to announce the news. Not sure what angle I’m gonna go with. Most likely humor as it best fits the hubby and I. We are a tad on the dork level and spend most of our time acting like fools so…..
Time to say cheese for myself!!! And time to put the timer and tripod to use (which I’ve never used either cuz I hate tripods) can’t wait to post pics!!!
Oh, and a side note…
My biggest baby and first sweet chubby love- Murphy, turned 8 today. We celebrated accordingly and spoiled him rotten with table scraps and a puppy sundae. Our other fur baby was happy to participate.


Retrieval Day!!!

On pain meds and snuggling with my pug following this morning’s retrieval.

Today went better than expected. This whole stimming process was a bit different anyways since my previous/regular doctor is on some tropical island somewhere so I had a different one this time around. Last time I went to only 2 monitoring US appts. This time I had to drive 2 hours each way for 4 days in a row. This doctor tinkered with my meds twice right at the end. Result= 21 eggs retrieved today AND he said quality and size looks like it’s improved compared to last retrieval (13). He also has “the touch” because while I do feel my abdomen was trampled in Madrid on a bull run, I feel WAY better in comparison than the last one. Not saying my regular doc isn’t any good buuuuuut- better results and less pain with this new guy doing the retrieval. Now I wait for the phone call tomorrow to update me on embryo progress. COME ON ALL 21 of you!!!!!!!!