The dog went public

Since I felt gross and not so photogenic, we left it to the pug to share our news. He hated the sign and wasn’t the most cooperative but alas we got a picture of his wiggling butt.



Egg hunts

Is it just me that gets sad looking at everybody’s Facebook and Twitter posts of their adorable kids dressed in Sunday’s best hunting for eggs? I wish my egg hunts consisted of cute kids and wandering through a field vs. dildo cams, injections, and needle retrieval. Maybe it was the landslide of pictures that fell on my lap, of said cute kids waking to their awesome Easter baskets, that made me sad when I opened my browser. All I know is when we DO have a child… He/she shall be spoiled rotten on such occasions. Until then, I shall mope and wish that were me.
Today marks the day of a miracle. A man who died on a cross for our sins rose from the dead and made many people believers. I believe. I just don’t always understand. Thank you God for my family, friends, and everything I may have to be happy for. I may not have a baby yet but I am thankful to be alive and bitching about it. I just pray that we may have our own miracle some day.