Where is Taffer When You Need Him??!!

You’ve seen the TV show Bar Rescue right? Well I need his help. I opened a bar and restaurant with a friend and he is turning out to be a complete asshole/idiot.

He doesn’t want the kitchen to prep anything. He wants everything cut fresh to order. He must smoke crack. 

Our cook has worked 30 days straight because he hasn’t hired another cook after having me fire the other one. Maybe if he didn’t sleep all day….

He wants our pretzel hamburger buns to be made in house. Great concept only he hires his Aunt to make them and they suck. The money he spends on paying her to make them + ingredients= not cost effective. And customers complain about them so I buy kaiser buns for those who request a different bun. What happens? They get thrown out.

My cook prepped veggies for next shift. What did he do? Throw them out. Again= not cost effective.

We need beer on tap. Haven’t done that. He thinks we should carry domestic even though customers want craft beers. I say carry both. The result= an empty kegerator we use as a bar countertop.

Speaking of bar setup- he builds the shelves for bar and there isn’t even enough room for all of our liquor as I clearly attempted to pointed out prior to his project. Did he listen? Hell no. 

A reach in cooler that I keep import beers in went out on us weeks ago. There it sits behind the bar still not working with new cooler sitting next to our entrance for customers. I found a guy who would move it for us after hours (when he is there getting drunk) do you think he has called him? Hell no. 

We close at midnight yet after the kitchen is all torn down he makes the cook open back up to cook his friend a sandwich. After. We. Have. Closed. Our poor bartender doesn’t get out of their until 4:30am sometimes because she is kept after by him. Ridiculous. 

He doesn’t come in until late at night and gets drunk and stays up til noon the following day and leaves notes all over the place like an Easter egg hunt with random bitching. I seriously think he has a drug problem.

Everything is in my name. EVERYTHING. And he’s bad for business. 

He wants hand cut French fries but REFUSES to allow them to soak in water to pull out the starch so they are mushy when you see fry them. Customers complain. He “don’t give a fuck” as he says everyday all day. It’s his way or no way.

He’s never worked a single day in a restaurant or bar yet he thinks he knows it all. He’s a joke.

And then there is his mother. She does not own the place. (Legally I own 100%) and only he and I are on the lease yet she verbally harassed the employees and then he tells our cook his mom is the boss. WTF??? She is evil. She has no place in there. She helps make those shitty pretzel buns. 

He does zero. I do everything. I order alcohol. I do the shopping. I bartend. I waitress. I hire. I do the schedule. You name it. I do it with zero help. NOW he doesn’t want me to hire anybody without his approval first. Super. He sleeps everyday until who knows when.  Yet he tells me what I’m doing wrong or that I’m….wait for it…. Not trying hard enough.

I can’t take it. He texts me at 3am in a drunken stupor calling me a mother fucker and dumbass and accuses me of stealing. He’s out of his damn mind. I have had countless customers tell me how they think he is on coke. Terrific.  He keeps adding stuff to the menu. Ridiculous stuff like deep fried twinkies, hot dogs, soups and any other random shit he pulls out of his ass. 

I’m to the point where I need to see a lawyer. When I’m not there (and he is there drunk) he is behind the bar drinking (not cool) and giving away drinks for free. He is going to ruin this business. If I want to buy a drink for somebody I do just that. I buy it. With cash. Not just pull it out of cooler and alight a match to our profit. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m stuck. I’m the owner and 100% shareholder on paper but it was his money that built it. Granted, everything was my idea. The concept, decor, logo, etc. 

I NEED Bar Rescue before I lose my mind…. And my business.