I have cramps (nothing major but irritating and uncomfortable for sure)
Acne on my chest???????? W….T…….F
TMI alert— constipated.
Do I feel like this worked? Nope
Am I being a negative Nancy? Yes…but then I have random bouts of “oh happy happy joy joy maybe it worked this time”
I’m not symptom checking because I KNOW it means diddly squat.
8 more days til beta and I’m doubtful. Hopeful… But doubtful.
I refuse to POAS because I’ll just lose complete hope if it’s negative. If it’s positive- it could be false. So why even go there. But man I really want to!!!
Crap. Come on August 15th!!!!
And I have a wedding to photo shoot the next day so I really hope I don’t get shitty news.
That. Would. Blow.
Thankfully I have cute animals to hug in the meantime.