What is an appropriate gift for your IVF doctor who gave you a child? I feel like we owe everything to them. Our regular doc was on vacation for attempt #2 and the 2nd doctor changed meds, transfer day, and number of embryos- success!! Even though the 1st doc didn’t make it happen he did the majority of the leg work!
Gift for husband? Bought him a Chris Kyle legend sweatshirt. The movie American Sniper really hit close to home for us. He was speechless when the credits rolled. He was an avid Kyle fan prior to the film and can relate on many levels after his 3 tours post 9/11. I never ask about things he did or saw and he never talked about them either. That movie made that can of worms pop wide open though! I am so proud of the man my husband is and everything he sacrificed for our country. Hearing the war from a soldier’s perspective weighs more to me than what all of these news an TV personalities have to say.
Gift for me? The same sweatshirt for the husband. 🙂
Throughout the film our boy rolled and kicked the entire 2+ hours. Hubby is convinced we have a future warrior on our hands. I can only hope that no matter what our son chooses in life, he becomes even half the man my husband is. He will be a lucky boy to have him for a daddy. Here is our latest ultrasound pic- we think he’s saying “Hooyah!!”


Decisions decisions

Breastfeeding? Jury is still out
Epidural? Jury is still out.
Pros and cons to both topics. I have a very low pain tolerance but a part of me wants to attempt “natural”. My friends are 50/50 on breastfeeding.
Anybody have any enlightening advice that I can’t find myself on Google?


26-27 weeks

Time is flying!! Nursery is slow going due to house remodeling projects we decided to finish first- suckers for punishment. My best gals started the baby shower planning and they plan on dressing like Thing 1 and Thing 2. Epic. They say they’re going with footy pjs but by the time it rolls around I bet money they’ll be opting for red shirts and a wig they can take off. Either way, I love these ladies and couldn’t ask for better friends. The theme is obviously Dr.Seuss and it is going to be amazing. We also decided to do a man friendly one. Hubby is in like Flynn. Free food and a ton of women= happy man!!
Going to get that nursery started asap. Meanwhile, I will be eating Golden Grahams (newest must have) man they get soggy fast!!!
Hoping to catch a movie with hubby this weekend but with all the work we have ahead us I don’t know if it’s in our stars. Drawing closer to the bar opening as well and dealing with these contractors have not become any easier. I loathe these guys and I have snapped several times. It puts them in check for maybe a few days and then I have to flip the bitch switch again. I intended opening Feb.1. I’ll be lucky if it’s March 1st now.
Anywho- back to the house, all we have left really is a full bathroom makeover. Like serious gut and redo. We were going to pass on the idea and buy a new home but we’ve decided to wait a year or two before stabbing a for sale sign in the yard. We love our home now but we look forward to being away from the city and the university. Hubby needs a break. After working on 6 off 3 rotations for 10 years on a midnight shift, he needs a quiet place to chill and not hear sirens, Notre Dame games (seriously can hear PA system in our yard on game day), thumping stereos, or people mowing their lawn at 8am when he didn’t even hit a pillow until 7am.
Here is my most recent belly pic:

This boy is a MOVER!!! He boogies half the day away!! My anterior placenta hasn’t dulled the feeling much at all. Maybe he kicked it out of the way hahhaha
We are convinced he’ll be a bad ass like his daddy.
Gave the IVF clinic a ring to say hello to my favorite nurse and to keep her updated. I love them! So sweet to want to stay in touch like that instead of “K you’re pregnant! Bye bye!”.
Off to eat a brownie the size of my couch with a glass of milk the size of a water tower and then off to bed so I can wake up every hour with hip pain or public bone pain. (Yeah- that feels grrrrrrrrreat)
Man did I bounce around in this blog or what? Zero structure. I guess this is what my brain is like right now- scattered and all over the place. I need a new pair of converse- red.
That is all.
Kisses to those who love me and a finger to those who don’t.
And a huge wish of luck and love to the ladies’ blogs I still follow who are still TTC.
Until I have time to blog via iPhone again— be real, be good, or be good at it.

Nursery fun!

Before we knew if baby was boy or girl, I had my heart set on a Dr.Seuss theme because I loved the books growing up and I’m not a huge fan of the standard animal themes. Here is a sneak peek of the ideas we are incorporating

The walls will be painted like this picture:

Can’t wait to start painting! Still searching for that perfect dresser to match the armoire. I’ve found plenty of dressers but they haven’t been wide enough for a changing pad. Anywho, I can’t wait to post pics of the final finish!!! Operation nursery begins next weekend after we get through this nasty weather. Not feeling like driving around in this crap!

24 weeks and suffering

MAH GAWD the heartburn!!! Son of a mother ;@%#ing €%#£¥!!!!!!
So the doc “prescribes” me Nexium at a tune of $79 AFTER insurance. The pharmacist asst proceeds to inform me it is available over the counter.
beyond irritated. So the manufacturer produces the same drug available by prescription or OTC one for $278/one for $12.99??????? Am I missing something or is this asst a goof? I’d call the doc but office is closed. Son of uhhhh beotch.
Sorry for ranting but I am SICK of belching and puking stomach acid and sitting up half the night because of evil heartburn. Enough is enough.
And here is my happy pic for the day to keep from strangling somebody- me and my Christmas pug (incase you didn’t get a card)


20 weeks!!!

Time seems to be flying and we haven’t even begun the nursery. Ugh. Between holidays, opening a bar, and every other day duties, I am exhausted!!! Weight gain has been minimal, I have a nasty cold, I don’t have the patience to copy and paste the weekly update things I read (but my answers have stayed the same so I would be boring to catch up on) EX: my rings are in, belly button in, of course I’m moody because I am dealing with thieves contractors, we all have the same app to say how big baby is but mine is measuring 5 days ahead of schedule so a big mango he is, no stretch marks, and so on. Here is my most recent bump pic. I swear my friends weren’t showing this much so early but they say everybody is different! Super excited it’s a boy and can’t wait to start decorating baby Silas’ room!!!!


17 weeks and no blood test?

Yep. Last week’s pic:) Stoked to have come this far but confused as to why doctor doesn’t feel it necessary to do any tests for abnormalities. He says he likes to wait until he has reason to believe it is necessary. M’kay. I’m a worrier! That should be reason enough. He said we could if we wanted to but honestly I felt dumb at that point to insist upon it. He said if he sees any precursors to any conditions on ultrasound then he will go ahead with further testing. His practice goes with the combo of holistic and conventional- with that being said he believes the waiting on results will simply cause me unnecessary stress. Boo. I figured it was a no brainer being 40yrs old and an IVF patient but I guess not. Dang it!!! I also secretly wanted to know gender of our bugaboo too. Alas I shall wait until December 1st to find out if baby is boy or girl. Drats!!!
As far as how I feel? Super I suppose. Not getting sick, nauseous, dizzy, or moody. However…… I “may” have a bladder infection. Good. Times. Aside from peeing all the time (sometimes 3 trips in 30 minutes) I have a dull lower backache. I thought all that was par for the course but to be safe I rang the office and mentioned it and nurse said, “ohhhhhhhh, hmmmmmm, yea go ahead and give me your pharmacy info and I’ll send order for labs to blah blah blah and let doctor C know.” I asked if she thought I really had one and she said it sure sounds like it. So, pending urinalysis, I may or may not be treating that with some antibiotics tomorrow. Suuuuuuper.
Other pregnancy facts in a nutshell:
My rings are on, my belly button is in, I sleep great, I’m not moody, I can eat anything, I don’t crave anything, we all know what size my baby is if we all pay attention to the same apps :), my weight gain is barely there, I won’t talk about signs of labor until it happens, and those lists are way too much for me to fill out every week with all I have going on right now.
Recap of hectic life-
I own my own photography business which keeps me busy on weekends and editing on evenings.
I work part time at a jewelry store because a friend owns it and well…. I love jewelry.
I am opening a bar/restaurant extremely close to Notre Dame and contractors really piss me off.
Photography will probably get cut down quite a bit- maybe a session or 2 a week mayyyyyybe. I love it so I will never give it up. Jewelry store can kiss my ass because the bar will consume me no doubt.
BUT I love hectic and I love goals!!!! I look forward to this business and I am excited to call it my own (well half mine half partner’s)
After taking week 16 belly shot, I mildly freaked thinking “am
I porking out or showing too soon???” Even had to Google some other 17 week bellies to see. Especially after hearing from so many girls how they didn’t even start showing until they were 6months along. Well lah dee frickin dah!!! Not being a hater but secretly was hoping to be the same way. Ok. I’m hatin 🙂
Tahhhh dahhhhh