Decisions decisions

Breastfeeding? Jury is still out
Epidural? Jury is still out.
Pros and cons to both topics. I have a very low pain tolerance but a part of me wants to attempt “natural”. My friends are 50/50 on breastfeeding.
Anybody have any enlightening advice that I can’t find myself on Google?



5 responses to “Decisions decisions

  1. Pro epidurals personally.

    As for bfing, I say don’t decide. I was all “no bfing” and changed my mind. And plenty of women say yes bfing and change there mind. J

  2. Before I start, I include a caveat – it’s soooo soooo sooooooooo a very personal decision.

    I’m personally pro-bf even more now than before I had a baby. Convenience, calorie-burning, cost-saving… Nothing beats not having to ever worry about bringing food&supplies (bottles, formula, hot water bottles, etc) when outside of the house with the baby, and especially when travelling with baby. I flew quite a few times before she ate solids and I was so thankful for my built-in supply. That being said, I had a really hard time, as did many other bf’ing moms I knew. Some have it easy, but for me it took a lot of pain and tears before we (with the help of a lactation consultant) realized what the issues were and could get them resolved. On the other hand, I was not a pumper either, so I was basically bound to having my baby with me 24/7 for quite a few months. I could have pumped, but it always felt like so much hassle. I was too lazy! My sister did formula only for both kids, after I think bf’ing maybe a couple weeks. She found it worked for her, and gave her a lot more freedom and ability to share the burden of sleepless nights etc. She also was not understanding of me not wanting/desiring/needing to be away from my baby to do other things. Personal decisions!

    When it comes down to it, it really depends on how you feel. If you’re open to both, you can do both. You don’t have to choose only one or the other. I personally chose exclusive bf’ing, so I tried everything I could to make it happen.

    As for epidurals, I decided closer to the end of my pregnancy that I wanted natural, and was inspired by the fact that my mom and sister did. I also read a lot of Ina May accounts of natural childbirth that were inspiring. When I got to the delivery, and mine went from 0 to 10 cm in a span of maybe 2 hrs, I really hit a point where I didn’t freaking care anymore about natural bullshit but unfortunately it was too late for me to take anything. Literally immediately after my daughter was born I didn’t feel a thing anymore, even though I had a 2nd degree tear (they gave me local freezing when they did the stitches). Was amazed at how my body naturally rid itself of the sensation of pain. I felt great!

    I used a doula for my hospital birth, and she was able to help support me and my desire for a natural birth by giving me different methods to help relieve pain without drugs. What worked really well for me were using pressure points.

    Whatever you feel most comfortable with is what you should choose. Remember you also have the option of changing your mind part way through! You can choose from a variety of pain management options, dug or drug free.

    I hope that provides you with some things to consider. Good luck!!

    • Another point I’d like to add on the pro-bf front is the comfort and selfish mommy & baby time that bottles could never compare to (mine added her first couple bottle feeds when she started day care). I miss that time spent staring into her eyes and feeling the warmth of of skin to skin snuggles. Feeling her tiny little handles playing with my hair and necklace, pressing my boob to get more flow etc. It’s hard to describe I guess, to give you an accurate idea, but I definitely mourned the weaning process. It was often the only time I could get her to sit still and snuggle, because she was always wanting to run around. OH and it’s an instant comfort /soother, that I don’t think can be matched either. During vaccinations (total soothing distraction to get over the needle in seconds), during sickness (getting healthy faster with mom’s antibodies), when they’re upset but not hungry… This addition is totally bias, because I was not a bottle feeder when my daughter was really young, so please pardon me for my assumptions that the boob soothes better than a pacifier or something else.

  3. Such a personal choice but I am very pro-bf and anti-epirdural. I only say the latter because I tend to be that one person that gets every negative, obscure side affect of any drug. And Breast feeding….. NOTHING in the world compares to it! Its so worth every bit of effort. Did it with both of mine and I don’t regret any of it. Best of wishes to you. And google how bf affects IQ, speech development and emotional development. Also with epidurals…. look up how it can affect you and your baby in the long run. Great movie to watch…. The Business of Being Born. Really informative so that you know that whatever you decide is drenched in reality and truth. Much love and thanks for you like on my post!

  4. oh and I have a very low pain tolerance and I did it drug free. it was hard. It was painful. But the pain just stopped after the baby came and I didn’t have any grogginess. I was totally aware and ALIVE during one of the most amazing moments in my life. but again… your call!

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