24 weeks and suffering

MAH GAWD the heartburn!!! Son of a mother ;@%#ing €%#£¥!!!!!!
So the doc “prescribes” me Nexium at a tune of $79 AFTER insurance. The pharmacist asst proceeds to inform me it is available over the counter.
beyond irritated. So the manufacturer produces the same drug available by prescription or OTC one for $278/one for $12.99??????? Am I missing something or is this asst a goof? I’d call the doc but office is closed. Son of uhhhh beotch.
Sorry for ranting but I am SICK of belching and puking stomach acid and sitting up half the night because of evil heartburn. Enough is enough.
And here is my happy pic for the day to keep from strangling somebody- me and my Christmas pug (incase you didn’t get a card)



9 responses to “24 weeks and suffering

  1. Tums has worked for me. But its not preventative. You have to feel terrible in order to get relief. Hope it gets better soon. My heartburn has unfortunatley only gotten worse as I’ve gone. Good luck!!

  2. My heartburn started at 24 weeks too! My doc recommended OTC Zantac and it worked wonders. I had it so bad I was repeatedly throwing up nasty acid stuff. And I’d burp and stuff would come up. But I haven’t had a problem since I started the Zantac.

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