Sweet 16

I made it this far. 16 weeks. But when does the worrying stop? The wondering if there is still another little heartbeat inside of me. Met with the therapist at OB practice. She was a flake. Did me ZERO good. She was lame. I honestly question what degree she holds. She asked me random questions about family members and husband and how we met, what I do for a living, blah blah blah. I managed to say in one sentence how the anxiety consumes me. We didn’t really discuss it past that. She handed me a shit CD to listen to and said to practice the exercise in it once daily. How bout you blow me once daily. (Sorry but honestly speaking my mind here).
Anywho…. Happy that I’m in a position to worry about being pregnant but not happy that I cannot let go and just enjoy this moment. Am I crazy? Until then I will snuggle my pug and hope for the best that baby is doing good. UGH


4 responses to “Sweet 16

  1. Welcome to motherhood!! I wish I had ‘this feeling will pass’ kind of advice, but sadly this is just the beginning. It’s completely normal to have insecurities about the pregnancy, I can only imagine what it would be like to go thru it after all of the struggles you’ve faced. But this is what a mother does….worries….it’s part of the job. Of course I don’t know to what extent your anxiety is but I can empathize. I’m a worrier and I anylize EVERYTHING. Plus I worked ambulance duties for 7 years outside of Philly….so of course I always imagined the worse about everything related yo my child. I have gotten over the baby & toddler years, but now I’m approaching the terrible teens! I know for me it always helped to talk things out…so it didn’t stay bouncing around the walls of my paranoid mind….even if it was just to vent and I got no real answers. I know it’s been years since we’ve actually had a conversation but if you ever need to vent I’d be happy to listen. 🙂 704-491-8862 -Liz

  2. Liz is totally right. It doesn’t go away. Although I do have to add that (generally speaking from my experience) when pregnant and you reach the milestones like after first trimester, after viability (~24 wks), then too after the 36 or whatever weeks it is when (in many hospitals) the premies no longer have to go straight to nicu, etc… And when you can feel the baby moving a lot… Things become much less stressful. When you’re a new parent, you start trusting yourself more and doubting yourself less as time goes by. I find it gets easier because you can get some more concrete feedback. I’ve found for us with our daughter that communication is a huge milestone in things becoming easier. She’s only now, at 2, starting to speak a lot more, but we also had taught her a bunch of ASL when she was younger so she could sign to us when she was still non verbal. Sorry, starting to babble. All this to say, sorry but you’re completely normal! Hang in there. If you’re not already, you’ll soon be at the feeling movement stage. It’s a wonderful feeling, having your little one squirming around in your belly! Enjoy! Xx

  3. I am now 17 weeks and I worry everyday…..but I try to keep it under 30 seconds and tell myself what will be is what will be.

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