3 days shy…

Of NINE WEEKS!!! I am so happy yet so convinced that everything could go south in 1 hot second. So frustrating to not allow myself to celebrate! I looked at cribs, car seats, nursery stuff, etc. beyond the sticker shock, I was almost panicked for even allowing myself to look so early. I definitely have no intention to buy stuff anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy. I wake up with hope and smile at the thought of what this baby will look like. I hope for a healthy child yet secretly wish for a boy since my husband and I do NOT agree on a girls name. I am truly happy just not confident. Then I start thinking, only one made it to freeze. Shit. Please hang in there baby cuz I don’t know if I can go on this emotional roller coaster ride again anytime soon. A little more time maybe. Maybe if I just get through the first trimester I’ll chill out some? Hope so. For now, hope is carrying me since a glass of wine or a tall delicious craft beer can’t.

Here is the latest ultrasound pic. You can actually see it’s big ‘ol head. Still in shock I even have one to show. But for now… I love it!


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