Still faint but still there. Could this be the real thing? Am I going to make it to Friday without losing my effin gourd over this??? GAHHHHHHHH
I keep analyzing the pic and holding it, tilting it, and just still in disbelief. I won’t believe it til I hear a good beta result. I’m so afraid to get my hopes up. The husband got super excited and then pulled his guard back up and said he’s going crazy for Friday too. He said that’s all he could think about while driving around at work. While handcuffing somebody he said he had it in his head. He’s a hot mess like me and we just want an official “everything is okay” which we won’t believe until we are at LEAST 12 weeks along. Hell, we may not believe it until we’re in the delivery room. For all that is holy and good… PLEASE let this be a BFP. After the 1st IVF failed I can honestly say I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence going into round 2. Ugh.
(Chewing my fingers)

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