I have done a whole lot of nothing. Instead of focusing on how many days til IVF #2, I’ve been keeping busy with my photography business I started. Absolutely love photography but holy shit balls it is HARD to do baby and maternity sessions. There are times I want to just barf or turn my camera off and run. But I don’t because I love the look on my clients’ faces when they get the finished product- a moment they can cherish forever. But seriously- F!!!! Meanwhile, just hoping #2 takes and trying not to think about it. Screw the googling, the constant 2WW symptom checking… It’s all crap. My symptoms were golden last time. And yet zip. So no baby making blogging for me for awhile. Just a whole lot of venting and picture taking. I’ll close with a belly shot I took for a client (I pray to set the timer on
my camera and take one of myself someday)


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