Our fundraiser shirt

We are financially stable and hoping IVF #2 works but we are planning ahead in case we have to do further IVF cycles or if we decide to adopt. If IVF#2 works then the money will help pay off the enormous mountain of bills we get in a monthly basis. So here is our little shirt. We are trying to think of a funny one too. If you are looking for ideas go to booster.com and create your own shirt! It’s easy, free, and fun. We can only pray this helps us with our goal of having a baby some day.
If you want to help spread the word or buy a shirt for some poor saps who can’t have kids that you’ve never met in your life… Then go to www.booster.com/norby and order yourself this awesome shirt. The husband is trying to think of a funny tongue in cheek one for some goofball friends of ours to wear proudly. Hope this helps us and I hope this idea may help other people raise money for themselves as well.


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