Batter Up

Waiting out 2 cycles continuing my new approach to wise health choices. No smoking, supplements, better diet, exercise (even though it am a healthy weight) to give ourselves a “better” chance at round 2 of IVF. Why? The doctor clearly said there isn’t much we can do to improve our odds or egg quality minus smoking and limiting caffeine. Sooooo….why?
A brief nutshell of our post failure appointment= doc said I responded excellent to stims. Retrieved 9, 7 fertilized, transferred 1 blast and 2 cavitating morulae. Why didn’t it implant? Maybe it did. Why didn’t it stay put? Don’t know. Doc said usually his follow appointments with a woman who is 39 consists of “you didn’t respond-not many eggs retrieved-quality not good-low fertilization-blah blah blah” so with that being said, he doesn’t want to change anything with our protocol. He is was very happy with my response and the other doctors on his board agree. He said compare it to baseball. Your swing is great. You have great form. You just need to get up and swing again and hope the ball “connects”. So now we wait until July and I will call with period #3. Hope this is the answer. Hope we get some embryos that make it to freeze this time. We have 2 fresh 2 frozen cycles with our Attain program. We aren’t going to get those 2 frozen if something doesn’t give. I’m scared to death of failure and not getting an addition to our family. I asked about royal jelly, sweet potatoes, and all the other house wife tales. Doctor said there is no scientific evidence to support those helping. He did say stay away from evening primrose as it can mess up hormone levels. Noted-but wasn’t planning on taking it. Just keep up on prenatal vitamins, eat protein rich healthy diet like any “normal” person should eat, and exercise moderately for 30 minutes a day. None of these really affect IVF but don’t hurt and benefit my health in the meantime. So I will keep plugging away. I’m tired of grabbing the bat for nothing. I am ready for our home run. I don’t want to strike out twice.


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